YourConcierge & You
Online Event Program

For those who want to live their lives to the fullest; take care of your physical and mental wellbeing, discover new potentials and get excited!
We use the strenghts of online events to deliver meaningful experience to you.
Create your work-life integration and healthy routine.

We are here to support you in recharging!

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Making Your Life Easier

Engage in meaningful experiences at the convenience of your home.

Discover new things as a family and have fun together.

Start creating a healthy balance between work, family and yourself.

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Recharge & Focus on Work!

Supporting you in making the most of your workday.

Mindfulness, yoga, lunchtime workouts,
evening music and a lot more events for you to recharge!

Events offered throughout the day, pick your time and get energized.

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+ 20 LIVE Progam Types

Wellness, children's program & inspiration.
(weekdays 8am - 7pm)


¥2,200 / month

A flat monthly rate!
Additional cost for private programs.


Bilingual Events

Japanese, English or both!


+ 10.000 Users

We listen to you and keep developing our product!


Move: Morning Pilates with BDC PILATES

  • Tue, Sep 21 140
  • Tue, Sep 28 144
  • Tue, Oct 5 147
  • Tue, Oct 12 147
  • Tue, Oct 19 147
  • Tue, Oct 26 147

Move:Lunchtime Quick Workout

  • Tue, Sep 21 148
  • Tue, Sep 28 148
  • Tue, Oct 5 150
  • Tue, Oct 12 150
  • Tue, Oct 19 150
  • Tue, Oct 26 150

Move: Healing Yoga in the Morning

  • Wed, Sep 22 144
  • Wed, Sep 29 144
  • Wed, Oct 6 147
  • Wed, Oct 13 147
  • Wed, Oct 20 147
  • Wed, Oct 27 147

Move: Stretch to Improve Your Posture

  • Wed, Sep 22 148
  • Wed, Sep 29 147
  • Wed, Oct 6 149
  • Wed, Oct 13 149
  • Wed, Oct 20 149
  • Wed, Oct 27 149

Move: Morning Quick Workout

  • Fri, Sep 24 149
  • Fri, Oct 1 150
  • Fri, Oct 8 150
  • Fri, Oct 15 150
  • Fri, Oct 22 150
  • Fri, Oct 29 150

Move:Stretch Pilates Without a Yoga Mat

  • Fri, Sep 24 144
  • Fri, Oct 1 149
  • Fri, Oct 8 149
  • Fri, Oct 15 149
  • Fri, Oct 22 149
  • Fri, Oct 29 149

Move: Morning Sun Salutation Yoga -Intermediate Level-

  • Mon, Sep 27 143
  • Mon, Oct 4 147
  • Mon, Oct 11 147
  • Mon, Oct 18 147
  • Mon, Oct 25 147

Learn: Exercise for Injury Prevention

  • Mon, Sep 27 147
  • Mon, Oct 4 149
  • Mon, Oct 11 149
  • Mon, Oct 18 149
  • Mon, Oct 25 149

Move: Morning Stretch Yoga

  • Thu, Sep 30 143
  • Thu, Oct 7 147
  • Thu, Oct 14 147
  • Thu, Oct 21 147
  • Thu, Oct 28 147

Move: Lunchtime Yoga While Sitting Down

  • Thu, Sep 30 146
  • Thu, Oct 7 149
  • Thu, Oct 14 149
  • Thu, Oct 21 149
  • Thu, Oct 28 149


Small sized events with an additional charge

English fun for kids!

English fun for kids!

During this session, the children will sing, exercise, draw and read books together in English! This session is led by a certified international school teacher. Let's start our morning exciting and happy! (40 min class - ¥1490)

Bilingual Crafts Workshop

Bilingual Crafts Workshop

This is a bilingual shared learning workshop and provides a safe and supported environment for structured immersion style learning. Engage with Japanese culture and learn English and Japanese. (60 min class - ¥1650)

Kids Club by YourConcierge

Kids Club by YourConcierge

A certified childcare teacher will open an online nursery. Sing and draw together and have fun with your teachers and friends on the screen! (60 min class - ¥990)




Click on the "Membership Registration" button and enter the required information to complete the process.



Choose the events that suit you and as many as you like.



Class link and PW will be provided in the “Your reservation” page of the website. Check the emails from YourConcierge for more events.




You can participate in the program for 2,200 yen per month (including tax). An additional fee may apply for certain events (limited space events).



Only adults residing in Japan (20 years of age or older) may use our service. If you are under 20 years of age we need your parent or guardian consents.



Spouses, partners, parents and children can all join together through one account.

Click here to sign up!


Subsequent contracts are renewed every month, and if there is no application for withdrawal by the renewal date, the contract will be automatically renewed and payment will be automatically made on the renewal date. Payment is on a monthly basis, and even if you cancel your membership during a monthly period, prorated calculation will not be performed.

After signing up for the event you will receive a confirmation email. Please follow the link in this email to view the meeting room information. You can always find all information related to an event in the respective event under Your Requests and the comments attached to it.

Spouses, partners, parents and children can all join together through one account.

Cancellation fees will be charged at 100% of the normal rate in the case of any cancellation on the day of or the day before a program.

The contract is a monthly unit from the date of subscription. Subsequent contracts are renewed every month, and if there is no application for withdrawal by the renewal date, the contract will be automatically renewed. (If you enroll on May 20th, following June 20th will be the renewal date.)


  • Company Name: TPO, Inc
  • Headquarters: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 15F 1-17-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Contact:
  • Business Hours: Weekday 10:00-18:00